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☕️Happy Sunday ! What is your WHY to getting up everyday?💗 . For me it’s knowing I have people and my furbaby, Reina, lol who depend on me, and eventually it’ll be a little human one day. Atleast that’s my DREAM.🤗 . I strive everyday to improve and become better so I can be the best for them.💪 . Having my own private practice to help serve others lights a spark inside me so bright. . 💗That’s my WHY💗 . I am blessed to have found my passion, were what I thought once made me DIFFERENT, now makes me shine my brightest. . 🔥I will GET UP everyday GRATEFUL for this reason alone. . Your nutrition and health journey is no different. . 💥If you are not CRYSTAL CLEAR on your WHY, you will fall short every time💥 . ✨WHY are you ready to make a change? . ✨WHY do you need to do this? . ➡️ Is it to be able to be more ACTIVE for your kids? . ➡️ Is it to regain a CONFIDENCE in your body you’ve lost. . ➡️ Is it to REPAIR damage done over the years. . ➡️ Is it for PREVENTATIVE action from a potential condition that runs in the family. . When that WHY is deep enough -you WILL stop making excuses! -stop giving up! -stop looking for short cuts! - and make it HAPPEN! . I wish everyone an amazing Sunday. . Stay blessed. . - Coach Katelynn

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