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Dr. Oliver T. Reid talks about the power of men mastering themselves. Anthology opportunity!!! My heart is pounding as I comprise this post! What I am about to share with you is near and dear to my heart! This isn't just another book! This is dedicated to every man that has killed giants and still bound by one. Yes, this is for every man with a sword in one hand and a scar inprinted in the other hand. This book is aimed at every man that has fallen on his own sword, fell victim to friendly fire, and had to pull a daggar out of his back! Finally a project geared to exposing true stories of what men go through on the battlefield of life! Men you are invited to participate in my new Anthology HE MEN WITH HE WEAKNESSES "THE MEN BENEATH THE ARMOR". GOT A STORY TO TELL? MEN WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! For more information or to express interest email us at [email protected] Deadline for submissions is September 25, 2019. #hemen2k19 #hemen19 #askdoc

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